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Can I Travel with Cannabis?


Navigating the legality of traveling with cannabis involves understanding both state and federal laws. This guide will explore the nuances and regulations that travelers need to be aware of, providing clarity and essential information for those wondering how they can legally transport cannabis.

Legal Overview

Cannabis remains a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law, creating a stark contrast with the state laws where cannabis is legal either medically or recreationally. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) operates under federal law, meaning that even if cannabis is legal in a particular state, it does not override the federal restrictions enforced at airports. With this being said, passengers are allowed to travel with products that contain no more than 0.3 percent THC on a dry weight basis or if they are approved by the FDA.

Traveling Domestically with Cannabis

Risk of Flying with Cannabis within the US

The risks associated with flying with cannabis in the US can vary greatly depending on where and how you are traveling. The TSA is not primarily concerned with detecting drugs but will take action if cannabis is discovered during routine security checks. Depending on the state, local law enforcement may handle it differently, with some states imposing fines while others may be more lenient.

Guidelines for Different Types of Cannabis Products

  • Flower/Bud: Recognizable by its distinct smell and appearance, it is more likely to be detected during security screenings.
  • Edibles: Often indistinguishable from regular food items, edibles should be kept in their original packaging to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Vapes: Subject to the same regulations as other liquids, vapes must be stored in carry-on luggage to comply with regulations concerning batteries.
  • Creams & Oils: These must adhere to the TSA’s liquid rules, requiring them to be in compliant containers and placed within a clear, quart-sized bag for screening.

International Travel and Cannabis

Risks and Regulations for International Travel

Traveling with cannabis internationally is illegal under most circumstances. Even where cannabis is legal in both the departure and arrival countries, international borders are governed by separate laws that usually prohibit the transport of cannabis. The fines or consequences of being caught traveling internationally with cannabis can be severe, varying significantly by country.

For example, countries with stringent anti-drug laws, such as Singapore or Japan, may impose heavy penalties including long prison sentences or even capital punishment for trafficking in drugs, including cannabis. In less strict countries, penalties might still include fines, deportation, and a ban from re-entering the country. Moreover, even if you’re traveling from one state or country where cannabis is legal to another with similar laws, international airspaces adhere to federal regulations, under which cannabis remains illegal.

Thus, it is critical to thoroughly research the drug laws of any country you plan to visit and always err on the side of caution by leaving your cannabis products at home when traveling internationally. This ensures you avoid potentially drastic legal consequences that can arise from misunderstandings or violations of drug transportation laws.

Traveling with Cannabis on Trains

Traveling with cannabis on trains involves navigating federal laws, as major train operators like Amtrak in the United States enforce federal regulations where cannabis remains illegal. Passengers found with cannabis on trains risk severe penalties, including being removed from the train, denied service, fines, and potentially arrest, as Amtrak strictly prohibits the use, possession, or transportation of marijuana under any circumstances. The legal landscape may vary in other countries or with regional rail services, especially in areas where cannabis is legalized. However, it’s crucial for travelers to review and adhere to the specific policies of any rail service they plan to use, ensuring compliance with the prevailing laws to avoid legal complications during their journey.

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