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THC-O vs Delta 8


THC-O vs Delta 8: What’s The Difference?

THC-O is a synthetic cannabinoid derived from the main psychoactive component in cannabis, THC. Unlike Delta-8, THC-O cannot be found naturally in marijuana. However, THC-O has similar properties to Delta-8. It can stimulate appetite, enhance creativity and affect mood.

Although some sources claim that THC-O is less potent than Delta-8, the jury is still out. Coming from someone who has tried products containing both Delta-8 and THC-O, I will tell you that they are relatively indistinguishable.  

Additionally, as these products appear, misinformation is common. The top-ranking article for answering this question claims that THC-O is “the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis” and that Delta 8 is “synthetically produced in a lab.” This statement is wrong for a series of reasons. Firstly, the main active compound in cannabis is “THC,” which is short for Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. Secondly, Neither of these compounds is extracted naturally. Although Delta-8 is present in cannabis, it exists in such small amounts that extracting it for commercial use would be burdensome. Instead, Delta-8 is synthetically derived from CBD. THC-O is then synthetically produced from Delta-8. This means that THC-O is a derivative of a derivative.

 When performing research on new topics, especially esoteric ones like THC derivatives, it is essential to validate the source of your information. 

What Is THC-O?

THC-O, also known as “THC-O acetate,” is a compound derived from Delta-8 THC, a cannabinoid found in hemp. It is offered in products ranging from vape pens, concentrates, edibles, and even dry flower.

THC-O isn’t a naturally occurring cannabinoid like CBD or THC. The first step in synthesizing THC-O involves transforming CBD into Delta-8 THC. Acetic anhydride is then added to the Delta-8 to produce THC-O acetate.

As a highly volatile chemical, acetic anhydride demands specific equipment during the synthesis process. For this and other reasons, it’s essential to be sure that the THC-O you’re buying comes from a reliable supplier.


Even though THC-O products might have medicinal effects comparable to other THC products, they are typically utilized for recreational purposes. Similar to THC, mild psychedelic or hallucinogenic effects are reported from using THC-O. Although THC-O is used for recreational purposes, it also has therapeutic effects, including relief from stress, anxiety, and nausea. As a bonus, it also works to stimulate appetite.

In terms of potency, many sources claim that THC-O is “3x stronger than THC”, yet there seem to be no studies backing up this claim. In fact, a report from the Rohde Island Medical Journal repeated this information, citing a Forbes article, but points out that “As most of the information regarding THC-O stems from anecdotal reports, further scientific research needs to be performed to fully elucidate its effects and pharmacokinetics.” Unfortunately, I have no studies to show you supporting or debunking this information. However, as someone who has used THC-O products, I can say that the effects are below that of actual THC and more in line with Delta-8.


Since its production is more labor-intensive, THC-O costs more than similar compounds like Delta-8. However, its alleged higher potency means it can be used less frequently, so the savings might offset the difference.

As with THC, THC-O is not subject to any regulations, and its production frequently lacks quality control. In reality, because of the methods used to create THC-O, such as the utilization of hazardous chemicals and equipment, product safety is a significant concern.

If you do intend to use THC-O products, make sure to vet the manufacturer thoroughly. Improper processing techniques could result in exposure to harmful chemicals and negatively affect your health. 

What Is Delta-8?

Delta-8 is another type of cannabinoid; however, it occurs naturally in hemp and cannabis. It has recently gained popularity as it has become legal in several areas. Its psychedelic effects are comparable to those of Delta-9 THC, though many users find them considerably more subtle and calming.

Even though Delta-8 occurs naturally in cannabis, it is only found in trace amounts. Delta-8 is incredibly difficult to extract, and even when successful, it only produces minimal quantities. Since this is the case, Delta-8 must be artificially synthesized to create enough for widespread commercial use. Lab-made Delta-8 distillate is made by biosynthesizing the chemical from CBD oil derived from industrial hemp. Hemp plants undergo this process naturally and can be recreated in a lab.

While vape pens are the most common way to consume Delta-8, you can also find them in various edibles, candies, and flowers. It’s crucial only to buy Delta-8 products from dependable manufacturers.


Delta-8 is commonly used for its calming and euphoric effects, as well as its analgesic and anti-nausea properties. There hasn’t been much study to back up these claims, though.

Because there hasn’t been enough research, Delta-8’s possible advantages are mentioned through social media. It has been suggested that Delta-8 can be used with standard treatments for substance misuse and depression. Delta-8 has been claimed to have additional effects, including:

    • Improved appetite
    • Reducing the occurrence of nausea and vomiting during cancer treatment
    • Alleviate pain
    • Better mental state


Products containing Delta-8 can be purchased from physical and online retailers, but the FDA has not yet reviewed them or given their approval for usage. Since these products have not been thoroughly tested, they may pose a health risk to the buyer.

Unfortunately, the effects of Delta-8 on human health have received insufficient study. It has been reported by some users that there are adverse effects, including:

    • Abnormal heart rate
    • Anxiety
    • Confusion
    • Drowsiness
    • Dry mouth
    • Low blood pressure
    • Red eyes
    • Slowed reaction times

The Bottomline

Whether you go with THC-O or Delta 8 depends on your personal preferences. Both products will give you a similar mind-altering effect with a lack of intensity that comes with traditional cannabis products. Ensure you thoroughly investigate the manufacture of any THC derivative product you choose to buy. The space is currently limited in regulation, so producers can cut corners, making decisions that can hurt your health. If you are interested in anything smoking-related, make sure to check out the rest of the Smokin Treasures website, the coolest smoke shop in Baltimore, Maryland.

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