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Does CBD Make Your Urine Smell?


Answer: Although it is not impossible, CBD is not known to make your urine smell.

Oftentimes when people begin to take a new supplement or vitamin they may notice a change in the smell and color of their urine. This is due to how your body processes these compounds. Some vitamins like b12, thiamine and choline are known to alter the balance of chemicals in your urine, leading to an odd smell and/or color. Typically, as long as there is no pain associated with a change in color and smell, there is no reason for concern. However, if these changes persist or are accompanied by pain, you should consult your doctor as this can be a sign of serious medical issues. CBD is not known to make your urine smell or change color. 

What Are CBD and THC?

CBD is short for cannabidiol while THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol. Both are cannabinoids or naturally occurring compounds found in cannabis plants, which include marijuana and hemp. THC can cause psychoactive effects in a person who uses marijuana products. It is the culprit behind the typical “high” that people associate with marijuana use.

Meanwhile, CBD has no psychoactive effects despite offering similar health benefits to THC. It is also more present in hemp than in marijuana. That explains why many CBD companies derive their products from hemp instead of marijuana, which has more THC content. Still, some products can contain both cannabinoids.

Does CBD Show Up On a Drug Test?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), urine testing for marijuana detection focuses on THC. It looks for the presence of a specific metabolite or a substance that forms in metabolism. These metabolites can remain in the body long after use. Depending on how often a person uses marijuana, it can remain in their system for up to a month. It can also appear in saliva and blood tests.

CBD products may still contain traces of THC, even if the brand claims that they are pure (or isolate). Products that companies derive from marijuana are also likely to have large amounts of THC in their formulation. Plus, the THC levels in a person’s body could increase as the cannabinoid accumulates with constant use. In that case, the person will have a higher chance of failing a marijuana drug test because of high THC levels.

Why Do CBD Products Have THC?

CBD oil products usually come from the hemp plant, which contains low THC levels. It is unavoidable because they occur naturally in the cannabis plant. Moreover, some studies have suggested that CBD products with THC are more effective than those without.

Full-spectrum CBD is a kind of product that utilizes the full range of cannabinoids that naturally occur in the hemp plant, which includes THC. Other cannabinoids include CBN, CBL, and CBG. These compounds work together in what experts refer to as the Entourage Effect. This effect can improve the therapeutic properties of the products.

Anyone who uses CBD most probably wants to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without getting high. Maximizing its benefits requires as many cannabinoids as possible, which is why full-spectrum products are ideal. If they are concerned about the product shown in a drug test, the person can opt for CBD isolate products, which might not have as much effect.

Do CBD and THC Have a Smell?

Cannabinoids have no distinct smell. A more appropriate question might be whether CBD and THC can make a person smell. While marijuana products have a distinct smell that might let other people know that someone has been using them, they come from plant terpenes, another naturally occurring compound aside from cannabinoids.

Depending on the product’s formulation, a person’s sweat can smell like a marijuana product. These instances are more likely to happen when a person eats edible CBD products. CBD products can also have carrier oils with different scents that might affect how a person smells.

Bottom Line

CBD should not alter the smell of your urine. If you notice a change in the smell or color of your urine after consuming a CBD product there is no reason for concern. However, if a change in smell is accompanied by pain of discomfort, discontinue use and seek medical advice. 

Additonally, drug tests typically search for the presence of THC, not CBD. So, a person taking CBD products can usually rest assured that they are safe during a surprise drug test. However, even hemp-derived products can contain traces of THC. With constant use, the THC in a person’s body can accumulate and end up on a drug test.

THC can stay in a person’s body for up to a month. So, if a person takes CBD products regularly, it is best to discuss their use with the test administrator beforehand. It can also be helpful to use CBD products that have fewer amounts of THC than others, although these products may not be as effective as the ones that do have THC.

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