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How To Smoke in a Non-smoking Apartment 


In many states, the use and possession of marijuana are legal for both medical and recreational purposes. However, this does not mean that apartment dwellers are able to smoke or consume cannabis in their living space without worrying about the repercussions. 

A lot of leases prohibit smoking, which means that even if marijuana is legal in your state, it doesn’t automatically mean that you can indulge in it within your apartment. 

Smoking marijuana might require a certain degree of discretion if you don’t want to run the risk of getting evicted from your home or receiving complaints from neighbors. Here are some hacks you might want to try to help keep things under wraps when you need to smoke in a non-smoking apartment.


Check With Your Landlord

Before signing anything, check with your landlord or building manager and confirm the smoking policies they have in place. If their smoking restriction affects your way of life, then you might be better off finding a different property that meshes with your lifestyle and preferences. 

Use a Sploof

Use a Sploof

sploof is a device used to reduce or mask the scent of smoke, typically from smoking marijuana or other substances. It’s usually made from a tube or container filled with absorbent material such as dryer sheets or activated charcoal. 

When someone exhales smoke through the sploof, the materials inside filter out or absorb some of the odor, reducing the amount of scent that is released into the surrounding air. Sploofs are often used in situations where the smell of smoke needs to be hidden, such as in dorm rooms or other shared living spaces.

How to Make a Sploof

To make a sploof, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Empty paper towel or toilet paper roll


  • Dryer sheets (at least 3-4 sheets)


  • Rubber band or tape


  • Scissors (optional)


Here are the steps to make a basic sploof:

  • Take your empty paper towel or toilet paper roll and stuff it with the dryer sheets. You want the roll to be tightly packed, but not so tight that air can’t flow through.


  • Once you have stuffed the roll with dryer sheets, cover one end of the roll with another dryer sheet and secure it with a rubber band or tape. If you are using tape, make sure it is airtight so that air only exits the roll through the dryer sheets.


  • If you want to make your sploof more effective, you can cut a small hole in the other end of the roll and insert a second dryer sheet, securing it with a rubber band or tape. This will create another layer of filtering and reduce more of the smoke odor.


  • Once you’ve completed these steps, your sploof is ready to use! When you take a hit, exhale the smoke through the open end of the sploof. The smoke will be filtered through the dryer sheets, reducing the smell.


While a sploof can be an effective way to mask the scent of smoke, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t completely eliminate the odor, and there are still risks associated with smoking. Always smoke responsibly and consider using alternative methods of consuming marijuana or other substances.

Pick a Schedule

Having nosy neighbors is inevitable. To avoid complaints and run the risk of getting caught, choose a specific time when your neighbors are less likely to be around, such as late afternoons or early mornings. 

Smoke Detector

Avoid the Smoke Detector

The most obvious way to smoke indoors undetected is to make sure you cover up the smoke detector. Doing this helps prevent its sensors from detecting smoke particles. 

You can easily do this with a towel or a sock. Note that while smoke detectors can be a huge inconvenience for moments when you need to smoke, the consequences of not having one or turning it off are far more fatal. 

Talk to neighbors

Get To Know Your Neighbors

Talk to your neighbors, introduce yourself, and strike up a conversation. Test their boundaries and see how lenient they are. Who knows, they might be smokers themselves and can give you useful insider tips.

Make Your Apartment Smoke-proof

If you’re set on smoking inside your apartment, make sure you transform it into a smoke-proof haven. Shut down air vents or cover them to make sure the smoke doesn’t seep into hallways or your next-door neighbor’s residence. Covering the bottom of your door with a wet towel also prevents the smoke and smell from leaking out. 

Air Purifier

Get an Air Purifier

Investing in an air purifier helps remove any lingering smoke particles left in the air. Air purifiers filter out air through various technologies like activated carbon filters, electrostatic precipitators, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, ozone generators, and HEPA filters. Its activated carbon filters help remove particles from the air while the ozone generators do an effective job of neutralizing odor. 

fragrance diffuser

Use a Fragrance Diffuser

Spray or plug-in air fresheners — which are fragrance diffusers — can be used to conceal the smell of smoke and replace it with something far more pleasant. They’re also an excellent substitute for air purifiers if you’re on a budget and looking for something to mask strong and pungent smells.

Play the Part

Play the Part

You might get so engrossed in covering up your tracks that you’ll forget that you smell of weed yourself! 

If you don’t want people to think you smoke, you’ll have to play the part. Otherwise, if they do find out about your habits, they’ll wonder where you smoke, and naturally, you don’t want them to know the answer to that. 

To avoid smelling like smoke, wear light tops instead of heavy and fluffy outerwear, as they tend to absorb the smell of smoke easily. Wear a hat or keep your hair in a bun, shampoo your hair daily, and don’t forget to brush your teeth right after! 


Smoking in a non-smoking apartment can be tricky. Obviously, you don’t want to get caught and get kicked out of your place. On the upside, marijuana smoke differs from cigarette smoke in that its smell won’t remain in the apartment for very long. As long as you follow the right tricks and precautions, you might just be able to sneak in a smoke without having to face serious consequences. Good luck, and may the odds be in your favor!

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